How to RECORD using DVR for Vibe TV

HOW TO INSTALL/USE  - IPTV Extreme app for DVR Recording of Vibe TV

Video instruction for installing and setting up IPTV Extreme:

Video instruction for using IPTV Extreme to DVR record live Vibe TV channels:

Please watch both videos in full to set up your DVR app for recording your live TV channels.  IPTV Extreme is a 3rd party app and is not supported by Vibe TV, LLC.  We can assist you with how to use the app, but if there are issues or problems that happen within the app, we cannot address and fix those issues.  Please use the Discord Channel for help with using the IPTV Extreme app.

This app is not JUST for DVR.  You can also use it to watch live TV just as you do with the Vibe TV apps.  Keep in mind, the layout and setup is completely different and may be difficult to navigate until you get used to the app itself.  Any assistance, please get on Discord for help.

Discord Link
Vibe TV Discord INSTANT CHAT Channel:


You can ONLY RECORD 1 instance at a time! (you cannot record multiple channels at the same time)
You are limited to the storage limit of your device!

You may watch another live TV channel while you're recording ONLY if you have a multi connection account. While you are recording it is using 1 connection. You'd need at least a 2 connection account to watch another channel while the recording is in session. 

Example: you want to record 1 of your favorite shows, but another favorite show is on at the same time. You cannot record both, however, you can record 1 while you watch the other live. You also do not need to have the iptv extreme app open while it's recording. You can set the timer and close the app, it will still record. 

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