7) How to load and set up TiViMate for Firestick

After you have an active account by subscribing here: http://billing.vibetvapp.com/cart.php

You may proceed with using tivimate below. 

The first step will be to download and install the TiVimate app.  To do this, follow the instructions here:
to install FileLinked and get connected to the Vibe TV app store.  Download and install TiVimate from the Filelinked store.

  1. Open TiVimate App and click "Add Playlist".
  2. Here you will type your M3U Link (this is provided to you on Page 3 of the welcome packet here: http://packet.vibetvapp.com)
    1. You must MANUALLY type this m3u link as you will not be able to copy and paste to your firestick. It MUST be 100% accurate as provided to you!
  3. Next, proceed until the playlist is loaded (you may have to exit the app and open it back up, as long as the M3U link is typed correctly)
  4. You press the LEFT direction on your firestick remote to see the playlist categories, then LEFT again to get to TiVimate app settings.  Proceed to the app settings to load your EPG (Guide) link.
  5. Once in settings go to "TV Guide" and choose to enter a Guide URL. (this is provided to you on Page 3 of the welcome packet here: http://packet.vibetvapp.com)
  6. After EPG link is typed correctly, change "Update interval in days" from 10 to 1.  Also, enable the "Update TV guide on app start" option. Then go back once to Settings menu.
  7. Go to "Playback" and enable the "Confirm exit by second press Back" option!
  8. Go back to settings, click playlist, choose the playlist with the blue check mark. Scroll down to group selection.  Here you will UNcheck all the movie categories and then any TV categories you do not wish to be listed. Back out of the settings entirely and press the RIGHT direction button to go over to the categories and then to see the channels of the selected category. 

You may back out of the settings and go back to the categories.  use the LEFT and RIGHT direction buttons to move between the category and the listings.

To ADD a FAVORITE:  Long press the middle button on the remote to give you the add to favorites option to the right of the channel.
While Watching, to Return to the previous channel: Press the LEFT direction button.
While Watching, to see the list of 10 previous channels to quickly jump to them: Press the MIDDLE button, then use LEFT and RIGHT and MIDDLE to select.
While Watching, to turn on/off Closed Captioning: Press the MIDDLE button, then the DOWN direction button to see "CC" options. Choose Closed Captioning 1 or set it to "Off" depending on your preference.
While Watching, to return to the channel/guide listing: Press the BACK button once.
To view categories: Press the LEFT direction button, then the DOWN/UP buttons.  To view channels in highlighted category: Press the RIGHT direction button.

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