11) How to Watch Vibe on Roku, Chrome cast, Xbox

This method is a "Work-Around" since there is no direct compatible app to watch on these devices.  This method is not an ideal way to watch Vibe, however, it does make it possible if these devices are what you prefer to watch on.  This method requires a phone!

Install the app on your phone

  1. Open your phone (Android or iPhone) and go to your play store, search for Web Video Caster and install this app (it's FREE). 
    1. For Android, you may click this link, download the Premium APK file to use.
      Download Web Video Caster Premium (Android)
  2. Open the Web Video Caster app, click "Skip" in the bottom left to bring you to the sidebar menu.
  3. Click on "IPTV", make sure you allow access to photos, media, and files on your device.
  4. Click the "+" symbol in the top right corner to Add IPTV list.
  5. IPTV Address (Here you will paste your M3U link found in your client area under your product details)
    <Click here to go to your client area>
    1. Once in your client area, click on Service, then click the "Active" button beside your product.  Once here, click on "Vibe TV Service Details".
    2. Now you can copy your M3u Plus link on this page (Make sure you copy the entire link).
    3. Return to the Web Video Caster app and paste your link in the IPTV Address field.
  6. Type "Vibe" for the Name for the IPTV List and click "Save".
  7. Now you will see 2 "Vibe" m3u (M3U8 and TS) in the list, simply click on either to open the Categories.
    1. Scroll down this list to find your category and then channel you'd like to watch.
    2. Before choosing a channel, please connect the Web Video Caster to your Roku, Chrome cast, or Xbox device below


Connect Web Video Caster to Roku, Xbox, or Chrome cast

  2. Touch the cast icon  in the top right of your IPTV list, make sure you check the box beside your device that you'd like to connect to, then click "Done".
  3. It will scan your network for any devices you can cast to, select your device.
  4. On your device, it will bring up the Web Video Cast app for you to install on your Roku, Chrome cast, or Xbox, go ahead and install this app on your device and it will open to a screen that says "Cast your favorite web videos"


How to watch channels

  1. Open the Web Video Cast app on your phone and go to your Vibe M3u list (choose M3U8) under the IPTV list.
    1. To get here, open the side menu from the 3 horizontal lines in the top left
  2. You will see your list of categories (Movie categories are at the top), scroll down to find your category and then your channel.
  3. Your channel will load and start playing on your device within seconds.  On your phone, you have controls such as Pause, FF, RW, and Stop.
    1. At this point, you can turn off your phone or simply back out of the app.  Your channel will continue to play.
  4. To CHANGE channels, go back to the list of channels in the list, and choose a different channel, it will say "Already playing" here you choose "Play Now" and it will change to that channel on your device.

You do NOT need to have the Web Video Caster app open on your Roku device to start watching a channel from your phone.  Simply cast your phone with the cast button to connect to your device and start watching.  It will auto-start your media player on the Roku device.

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